Lemon Magazine is a 64-page fashion and feminist magazine, with the theme of Double Standards for Issue 01, that I created for my Final Major Project in my degree.
Lemon Magazine includes fashion stories, articles, interviews, creative pieces and illustrations. I also collaborated with other like-minded creatives to create work that would play to our strengths.
The aim of Lemon was not only to be a strongly visual and creative fashion magazine, but also to put across issues relating to feminism successfully, in this case Double Standards. I wanted Lemon to give an insight into different views and opinions and potentially educate readers into looking at things differently, whilst being visually pleasing for the reader through strong photo-stories. 
I successfully created a magazine to a high standard that met my brief and professionally developed my skills in creative direction and layout design.
“The aim of Lemon is to unearth sour topics and make them sweeter. Sometimes certain topics can come across to people as ‘preachy’ and this is not what we want to do. Everyone has their own views, and we hope that we can display ours and other’s views fairly. Lemon is fun, fashionable, charismatic, enthusiastic, friendly, honest, real and inclusive to all. Combining fashion stories and creative content full of personality with some serious topics - we hope we can find the perfect combination and balance for our readers.”
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