In the second year of my degree, our course of Fashion Promotion took over the annual university fashion magazine, Platfform Magazine. For this module, I was a part of the PR/Social Media/Events team.​​​​​​
Launch Event
The launch party was organised in a private room in a popular The event was held in a popular bar in Cardiff, Locke & Remedy, and it attracted a big crowd. We also organised extra elements such as goody bags, with great pieces donated inside such as Spectrum make up brushes, Miss Patisserie bath bombs and free drink/free entry vouchers for popular local bars.
We also organised a raffle with amazing prizes that were donated such as 2 Common People festival tickets, vintage clothing and a Pia Michi London evening dress. The event was kept fun with a live singer and a photographer.
This event helped to practise and improve my skills in event production and event management, and also in PR, marketing and social media.
Social Media and PR:
We created and maintained successful social media pages - particularly an Instagram page which created a great impact. We held giveaways and secured exclusive discount codes on the social media pages which attracted a lot of interest, and created a big following for the impending magazine.
As part of the PR role, we contacted brands for sponsorship, giveaways, and goody bag items. We also organised the advertisements for the magazine.
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